about crispy bata

Crispy Bata is Kat, Brian, Gavin, Audrey, and Grayson: a family endeavor started in 2014. We learned to wear our first baby in 2006 and continued the practice when our second was born in 2011 and our third in 2016. We love to share our passion in a way that helps you care for your own little ones.

Crispy Bata is a play on the term "crispy pata," a Filipino dish of pork leg. The word "bata" means "child" in Tagalog. The term was invented with our first child, who had very chubby legs. We use the term "Crispy Bata" to describe a parenting style that is "not quite crunchy, Filipino style." #crispynotcrunchy

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In-home consults anywhere in San Diego County include demonstration of the safe and comfortable use of the main types of carriers, and assistance in choosing the best carriers for your family. 

Secure, comfortable and beautiful baby carriers for every lifestyle and every parent.

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