All About Babywearing Consults

I am often asked what happens in a babywearing consult, what exactly do I do.

Why a Babywearing Consult? Parents often find themselves overwhelmed when their baby first arrives. They realize how much their baby wants to be held, and they want a good solution! Babywearing is the solution! If you have received a hand-me-down carrier that didn’t come with an instruction manual, or are just overwhelmed by all the different choices out there, a babywearing consult is a great way to narrow your choices. A good babywearing educator or consultant will take your needs into account and recommend the carrier that is best for you. And then, she will help you learn to use that carrier so that you and your baby are happy and content!

Where do we start? First we make an appointment. My schedule is fairly flexible and I can come to you morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend, and I will drive anywhere in San Diego County! Many parents prefer this to a babywearing class outside of the home due to their busy schedules, proximity to meetings, or the desire to have a co-parent or additional caregiver present. Also, if you have a brand-new baby and prefer not to leave the home, this is also a great way to learn just what you want and need to know.

I require a small non-refundable deposit to hold the appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment at any time, this deposit can be used toward a future appointment, or toward the purchase of a baby carrier.

Babywearing 101 / Introduction to Using Baby Carriers. When I arrive for the appointment, I will bring my teaching kit, which consists of carriers and accessories. 

We will talk about your baby’s needs and yours, what you plan to do while wearing your baby, and any other considerations (such as breastfeeding, medical conditions or injuries, etc.).

I will bring different brands and styles of the following: ring slings, wraps, buckle carriers, and mei tais. I will demonstrate each one’s proper use and how to get a comfortable fit with your baby. I will talk about the pros and cons of each type of carrier, and which are appropriate to your baby’s age and developmental stage.

Or if you prefer, I can simply demonstrate the carriers you are interested in using. I have found, though, that many parents discover other carriers they hadn’t previously considered after seeing them demonstrated.

Then we will try on the carriers you’re interested in using. This can be one of your own carriers, or you can try some of mine! We can use a weighted doll to practice until you feel comfortable to try it with your baby (or if your baby hasn’t arrived yet!). A consult usually gives us the opportunity to try 2-3 carriers depending on how much time we spend on each one.

Since we are dealing with babies (or toddlers), we of course can take breaks to feed, change, or comfort baby as needed.

At the end of the consult, we discuss what carriers you are most interested in, and I can provide you additional resources (online or print) that will help you remember what we’ve learned. If you are interested in purchasing a carrier from me, we can also arrange that at that time.

Intermediate or Follow-Up Consult. If you’ve already got the basics down but need help with one or two things, there’s a consult for that!

Intermediate or follow-up consults focus on one of many different topics: back carries, different types of wrap carries (or wrap carries using a specific wrap size), troubleshooting a particular carrier, or an infinite number of things! These consults typically run about 45-60 minutes, although some topics may run longer.

Google Hangout / Skype / FaceTime Consult. I offer “virtual consults” on a limited basis! These are available in special circumstances only, so just email me to see if this is an option for you.

Any questions? Please email me at I am happy to answer any questions!